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Pallavanjali- Special Needs School, Gurgaon

This Project is a product of the commitment of two stakeholders: –

  • A very committed, experienced educational professional with a dream.

  • A set of parents of special needs children with a dream to educate and enable their children.

The project emerges from the Core Idea of a school with Students and children with special needs being taught together. The idea is for children to realize how fortunate they are and the special needs children to spend time in an enabling environment, imbibing the quality education at par with the best.

A school from class K-12 with quality infrastructure and 15 students per class to ensure the best student teacher ratio.

The concept of this school was evolved with the best minds in the field of education and centered around children with special needs.

An equal emphasis on learning spaces within the classroom and outside the classrooms was particularly important.

It is a linear site with every part of the school being universally accessible. The linear spatial organization is punctuated with courtyards, cutouts and vacant spaces to enhance visual connectivity between levels and spaces.

The wide meandering corridors string all the spaces together merging the line between the classrooms and the outdoors.

The courtyards and cut- outs facilitate air circulation and allows the favorable elements of nature like winter sun in while keeping the harsh summer sun out.

The blurred line between indoors and outdoors and the visual connection between various levels integrates the school as a whole.

A large circular ramp encompasses an Amphitheatre and enables the entire school to gather for events and functions.

The climatic integration with the built form is an enabling experience for all the occupants. The basement with its linkages to external green play areas and feeling of openness provides the school with a large multi utility floor plate for is extracurricular activities.

Year- 2005.
Area: 9,000 Sq.Mts.