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The Coromandel School, Pondicherry

This is a Residential School in Atchikadu, Villipuram District, Pondicherry. The site is situated on Bay of Bengal with an interesting landscape of sand dunes and various flora which needed to be taken care of. The site is a narrow odd shaped strip lying on the coastal front which increases the challenge.

The project brief was to create a world class education facility with different amenities like auditorium, exhibition spaces, open classrooms and various sports facilities.

The design strategies are a response to existing site conditions, climate and environmental response to the existing site surroundings. The design program revolves around the idea of creating a building system that enhances education in harmony with nature.

The site is fragmented, with small buildable areas yet abundance of land on the sea front which determines the building’s positioning. The built forms are raised and tied by a movement axis at the second floor. The axis is a visual line across the site. This axis joins the dense built academic area to the open land near the sea at the other end. Separate formal and public axis with functional spaces loaded on both sides takes care of the connectivity of the entire building.

Due to the volatility of the Bay of Bengal the ground is kept free to let water flow through freely and thus creates a structural system that offers least resistance to the water.

The sequential activities in a student’s day is reflected in the plan layout

The building blocks are made like an insulated box with a secondary skin cover to keep the box in shade at all times.

The vent shaft takes care of the extreme heat and humidity conditions of the site.

Landscape strategies are designed to preserve and enhance the micro climate of the site.

The sustainable approach with energy generation wind turbines helps to deal with the power shortage in the area.

Extending educational support and involving the villagers in the school enhances the social aspect of The Project.