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South African Consulate- Mumbai

Post the successful completion of the South African High Commission in New Delhi, we were commissioned to undertake their Consulate in Bombay.
The building selected was a derelict four storied structure with multiple small offices on Altamount road named “Gandhi Mansion”.
The Consul General risked taking the building due to its superior location in Mumbai, the name “Gandhi Mansion” and MK. Gandhi’s historical link to South Africa.
Multiple Tenants had to be relocated and the 100-year-old building required major repairs and restoration. On hindsight despite all the challenges faced to take this building was a great decision.
Public Related Consular functions were housed on the lower level of the building with a direct access for all the important functions. The upper levels had the independent offices accessed through a separate entry.
The 100-year-old structure comprised of load bearing brick walls and a timber roof structure. A detailed structural analysis was carried out and the limitations clearly understood before embarking on the restoration and space planning exercise.
Certain walls were scientifically removed and others strengthened to create space for all the consular functions.
It is indeed a matter of pride to see the South African Consul General’s office in “Gandhi Mansion”- a strong link to the past.
  • This neo classical building lends itself beautifully as the South African Consulate.
  • The interiors also along Neo Classical lines makes it into a world class heritage building for its prestigious function.
  • A true “Gem” in Bombay.
Area : 15000 sqft