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Tupperware Corporate Office

Tupperware a Direct Marketing Company, an early FDI Investment entered India with a vengeance as it was not allowed to establish itself in China. Their operating Model is based on “the hub and spoke “. This facility in Udyog Vihar an industrial area in Gurgaon was identified to be the HUB. This five-acre site sharing a common wall with the iconic Maruti Suzuki Plant in Udyog Vihar was to house the company’s administrative offices, Display areas, marketing office, training rooms and a large warehouse. This plot had an existing industrial unit located strategically on it.

Speed of Design and Execution was the key to this “No compromises “project. The completion target of 100 days including National holidays, was achieved at the Design Stage by incorporating two factors.

  • Utilizing the existing plinth of the disbanded factory because its correct docking height for trucks, and positioning on site.

  • The Warehouse, a large component of the construction and back bone of the project would be a prefabricated steel structure in columns and roofing.

The constraints of this project resulted in some very interesting design solutions-

  • Certain functions requiring large column free spans were connected to the existing structure at suitable locations to fulfill the functional requirements. One such example was of the display center which in the form of a large container gave this project its distinct identity.

  • The prefabricated steel columns in the shape of a mushroom column holding the structure of the roof added an interesting dimension to the large warehouse volume. Prefabrication of components resulted in a high quality fit and finish to the structure.

  • The interiors of this project are very feminine like a “doll house” as most of the employees and associates are women.

It is a project in keeping with international standards and symbolizes products being marketed in its built form.

Year- 1997
Built up Area : 10,500 sq.m